Organic Illusion is ready to release THE LINEAR CHAOS

linearok is the brand new album from Organic Illusion after the acclaimed debut mini-Lp Deception released in 2012.

The full-lenght will be released in february 2016 and is a result of three years of music, passion, furious live performances and lot of stages shared with bands like Extrema, Sawthis, Infernal Poetry, Thell Barrio, Rise of the Northstar, Resurrecturis, Natron.

The primoridial thrash/groove sound developed by the band throughout the years joins now modern influencies, melody, speed and intensity.

THE LINEAR CHAOS - album cover
THE LINEAR CHAOS – album cover

Two single have already been released from this album: THE END IS THE SAME  in 2014 and BURN during 2015.
You can listem them on

The band is now searching for a label for promotion and bookings.

organic illusion’s history is not about musicians leaving and joining bands. it is about music, devotion, different styles and attitude.
where groove, passion and everyday life meld together to create an ever evolving sound that explores extreme music, melody, groove to be unleashed onstage.

universe closed in a cage, made of bones and bleeding flesh.